Wikileaks:Michetti dice en la Embajada que formó un grupo secreto de opositores que incluye a Urtubey

7. (C)  While recognizing that opposition leaders are divided, 
Michetti said each party has leaders with a common vision.  She 
relayed she is involved in a new group of leaders from diverse 
parties who are working to develop a shared domestic agenda for the 
medium term.  This informal group, which chooses to remain 
confidential, includes Civic Coalition national Deputy Alfonso Prat 
Gay, Peronist Governor of Salta Juan Manuel Urtubey, Radical Party 
President Ernesto Sanz, Chief Justice Ricardo Lorenzetti, business 
persons, and bank representatives.  She added that most of the 
opposition's key leaders are able to reach agreement, except for 
Civic Coalition leader Elisa Carrio.  The Deputy invited the 
Ambassador to meet the group and inquired if a U.S. expert could 
address them on a particular topic of interest.